About us

Metāla Elementi is a stable metal partner  more than 15 years. Verifiable stability, impeccable reputation of transactions and personal access to any partner and end-user.

Metāla Elementi - the main activity is the sale of Wrought irone elements, INOX systems and GATE furniture.
Our long-term experience ensures a high level of cooperation with our customers.

Wrought Irons elements: More than 3500 different elements for making wrought iron products. Wrought fences, luxurious gates, stairs and balconies. The parts are made on the high technical production work tables, which ensures the compatibility of each forged element to the given size. 95% of the parts are made of steel, but also parts made of cast iron, aluminum and brass are available. We have also developed a catalog of assortment of goods for more convenient work and regular orders. You can get the product catalog at the store or ask the seller to send it to your order.

INOX SYSTEMS: These unique parts made of stainless steel allow you to complete and manufacture high quality stair and balcony railing. The whole system is created with the principle that no welding, polishing, polishing is not required for the manufacture of handrails. You can complete everything by drilling and screwing. Easy and convenient.

Furniture for sliding doors: In order to be good and durable, it is necessary to use all the top quality hardware fittings. We offer our customers the fittings from the CIAS.eu factory. For many years, we have proven ourselves that we are doing our best. CAIS manufactures fittings for Sliding Gates and Sliding Doors. A wide range of solutions and a very affordable price.

In addition to these three main groups, we sell all the necessary gates and fences to the industry. Gate automatics, accessories, forgings, keys and locks, fence lamiles and many other useful things.


Co-operation with us guarantees that your production will always receive the highest quality goods from us, as well as personal attitude for any of your purchases and orders.


We are located in:

Daugavas iela 38, Marupe, LV-2167

Opening hours: 9:00 - 17:00


You are manufacturing and we will provide you with everything necessary to keep the production process from being stopped!